Conscious Aging - Lafayette, LA - by Patricia Sidman

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The Conscious Aging Workshop


What You Can Expect

As a workshop participant, you will have a chance to:

  • Explore any self-limiting beliefs, stereotypes and assumptions  you may have about aging and make better, more conscious choices in how you view aging;

  • Develop self-compassion to cope more effectively with the changes, worries, and  stresses associated with aging;

  • Discover and reflect on what has given heart and meaning to your life so far and how that can clarify your intentions for your future;

  • Enhance your connections to others, reduce isolation, and engage with the web of life by understanding at a deep level our shared humanity in the aging process;

  • Reduce any fears you may have and increase your acceptance of and comfort with the presence of death and dying - for yourself and for your loved ones.

The Workshop Process

Throughout each day, you will have time to focus on listening to your own inner wisdom and guidance through meditation and writing, time to learn about and integrate proven practices, time to share in intimate conversation circles, and time to learn from the collective wisdom of the group. 

You will also receive your own copy of the highly regarded Conscious Aging workbook IONS developed for this program.  This workbook is filled with exercises and readings for the workshop and more to do on your own, if you wish, plus many other resources.  It is only available to those who participate in a Conscious Aging workshop.

Workshop  Topics

Introduction to Conscious Aging
Life Review
Transformative Practices
Death Makes Life Possible
Surrender and Letting Go
Creating Your New Vision of Aging