What Others Say about the

Conscious Aging Workshop

"One of the most valuable programs I've ever participated in. Thank you!"

"I have really enjoyed the openness and honest sharing of the group. I learn so much from other people and I also learn what I have to contribute to them."

"Exciting materials ... great interactions ...appreciated learning some steps to forgiveness."

"I see now that a process has begun. I loved starting to 'let go.' ... The connections in the group are wonderful!"

From other communities where Conscious Aging has been offered:

“The Conscious Aging class has been worked out very well.  Noetic Sciences created a good path to stimulate introspection.  Good sessions. ... I was stimulated to pour out my story on paper and am still mining that outpouring. Thank you."

"This course helped me to notice my limiting beliefs and decisions I had made long ago and helped me to "course correct" in my life. Thank you."

"...the lessons healed me of the dread I had been carrying regarding my own aging. The intention statement in the last session, "Creating a New Vision of Aging,"  has helped to release my [fear] of being alone and abandoned at the end of life."

"I like that the participants gave input throughout the sessions. It is educational and enlightening to find out the views of others about aging and death."

Conscious Aging - Lafayette, LA - by Patricia Sidman