What Others Have Said About Working With Patricia 

M.D. says:

K.P. says:

     I recently experienced an unexpected and life-changing set of circumstances that began with my 30+ year marriage collapsing in a morass of slander and deception.  I was unable to get at all beyond the emotions of the moment and wasn't able to think through the hundreds of actions that needed to be taken. 
     What Patricia brought to my table was gentleness and calmness that didn't deny my feelings, and that helped me be able to process the emotions and move on the practical matters. Her focus and ability to shine a light of clarity on my problems gave me a path to working through the conflicts. 
     Without Patricia's guidance, I'm sure I would still be stuck trying to solve the emotional phase. Every time we work together, I learn a new technique or strategy that helps me sort my problems out.

Patricia D. Sidman Coaching

     When my life took a turn I didn't plan for, I could not find a way forward and backward was not an option for me.  I just did not know what to do.
      My work with Patricia started with her helping me to figure out what I really wanted.  With her provocative questions, I discovered areas for emotional, mental and spiritual growth.  Her clear and repeatable exercises helped to sharpen my focus, and I gradually gained confidence in dealing with my crisis.  
      Through the practice of forgiveness, especially for myself, I developed ways to calm and quiet my agitated mind.  As I began to see a plan for myself taking shape, I started to become unstuck.  She taught me skills that enabled me to become my own advocate.  I learned how to identify and overcome paralyzing fear, reframe situations, and gain positive forward momentum.  
      Having worked with her, I now have tools to stabilize myself in any new traumatic life events.  I have been able to discover what I most deeply want and how to achieve it.  I know I will continue to use the strategies, tools, exercises, and skill sets I acquired through my work with Patricia.